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Richardson Family

About Us

Paul and Angela Richardson were a part of the team that planted West Ridge Church in 1997. In twenty-four years, they have served in various roles, including Kids, Groups, Outreach, and Leadership Development. Paul has been a part of the teaching team at West Ridge for more than two decades. Both Paul and Angela have spoken at Churches and Groups great and small on Marriage, Anxiety, and Christian Living.

Paul is the Co-Founder of Engage Burkina, which works to bring clean water, education, and development to Burkina Faso, West Africa.

In 2021, Paul and Angela are beginning a new initiative to plant Take Hold Church in Scotland. The hope is to be light that encourages and inspires people to know they are loved by God and that He created them to live a life of purpose.

Paul and Angela are the proud parents of Will, who attends college in Kennesaw, GA, and John Wesley, a High School sophomore.

live a life of purpose

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